Bonneville by Kate Cook - Poster or Limited Edition Print

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Bonneville by Kate Cook - poster or limited edition fine art print
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glossy reproduction print
24" x 12" overall
.25" border on all sides

Limited Edition Fine Art Print
giclee print on archival hot press paper
28" x 16" overall
1" border on all sides
Signed by the artist
Limited to edition of 30

shipped via insured & tracked USPS priority mail tube

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Kate Cook is an accomplished artist who has made a name for herself in the automotive art world. With a background in watercolor, ink, and oil paint, she seamlessly merged her love for vintage Americana, aviation nose art, and classic cars with the versatile medium of enamel car paint. Using century-old tools and time-honored techniques, Kate creates glossy, illustrative paintings on various surfaces such as steel, glass, wood, and canvas. Kate's mission with her self-acclaimed style, "är təˈmō-tiv Art," is to challenge perceptions and create an association between the fine art market and automotive paint industry in an artistically innovative way

Kate Cook recently introduced her captivating series titled "She's Been Everywhere, Man!" This collection of canvas paintings in automotive enamel paints takes inspiration from the iconic song sung by Johnny Cash, "I've Been Everywhere." Each painting depicts women of timeless beauty driving classic and custom cars to America's most historic and iconic locations, including Bonneville, Las Vegas, The Fort Worth Stockyards, Yellowstone, and more. Through vivid colors and bold linework, Kate's artworks evoke a sense of nostalgia while offering a progressive twist. The series showcases her ability to tell stories through a single image, much like the timeless artists who inspire her. With Speed and Kulture Magazine and Alpha 6 Corporation as sponsors, Kate feels humbled and grateful for the opportunity to create this series, which captures the spirit of exploration, freedom, and the enduring allure of classic automobiles.

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